Ah.. at last.  The Gardening Season begins!  Spring officially starts on the 20th, but we have lots to do before then.  Here is a list of chores by time of the month.  Check out my March articles.

Early March

  • Fertilize bulb plants planted last fall with a high nitrogen source
  • Test saved seeds to see if they will sprout
  • You can still prune deciduous trees
  • Remove any old fruit and rake leaves, placing in the compost pile unless diseased
  • We sprayed with horticultural oil in February, but some insect pests, including aphids & scale, overwinter in leaf litter.  If you have a problem with these insects, you may decide to discard leaves raked in the spring.
  • Prune junipers and evergreen trees and shrubs (if desired)
  • Start seeds for transplanting to your flower and vegetable garden, based on the last frost in your area and the length of time to harvest for vegetables

Mid – late March

  • Plant sweet peas seeds outside on March 17th
  • Start spring clean-up, cutting down to the ground those perennials that show early growth
  • Get your lawn mower ready with a clean up and blade sharpening
  • If there is no snow cover, rake and aerate Bluegrass and Tall Fescue lawns
  • Buy and plant bare-root roses in late March or early April, storing in a cool location until planting
  • Fertilize potted plants that were over-wintered indoors
  • Repot root-bound houseplants