Winter Watering:

  • Include established trees and shrubs
  • Choose a day with temperatures over 40 degrees F with no snow cover
  • Water at mid-day
  • Apply water to tree roots within the dripline
  • If using a deep-root needle, insert 8 inches or less
  • Apply 10 gallon / 1 inch tree diameter
  • Read more about winter watering.

Ordering Seeds:

  • Select your seeds and order this month
  • Visit local garden centers for seed starting supplies
  • Consider partnering with another gardener to share seeds
  • Read more about ordering seeds.

Other chores this month:

  • Prune most trees & shrubs for correction, damage and shape
  • Exceptions: Don’t prune spring blooming shrubs, wait until after the flowers fade
  • Good time to prune out die-back from fire blight on apples
  • Read more about fire blight pruning on apples