• Gardening and Micro-Climates

    I'm in Colorado part-time now and gardening at 8,000 feet. It is certainly different than the Denver Metro area both because of less water and the higher altitude. These short season raspberries were planted about twenty years ago after failure with a longer season raspberry. When I arrived on June 18th, the ...

  • Turf Violets, Viola odorata

    Don't you hate it when you do something stupid in the garden?  As a new Colorado resident, I was thrilled to see my grandmother's favorite flower, sweet violet, in my yard!  In my native Florida, I remember seeing violets along the catwalk in the swamp adjoining Wekiva Springs State Park. ...

  • First Walk in 2015

    This first day of 2015 started with a First Walk along the South Platte River and ended with a traditional black-eyed pea dinner at home. My sister is visiting and we decided to participate in a First Walk at Roxborough State Park. I tried repeatedly to call the park to ...

  • Growing Amaryllis

    Are you tempted to buy one of those kits to grow an amaryllis or give it as a gift to a gardening friend? They are quite easy to grow and keep for the winter, adding cheer along with a long standing flower.  You might want to preserve the plant to ...

Top Fall Tasks

Posted by gardensoul on October - 1 - 2014

Fall is my favorite season. The changing leaves, a nip in the air and the fall mums and asters blooming in my garden.  As the weather turns cool, I’m reminded it’s time to fertilize your Kentucky bluegrass lawn.  This application is the most important for your grass. It builds the  [ Read More ]

How to Collect Seed

Posted by gardensoul on September - 18 - 2014

As your perennial, biennial or annual flowers go to seed, you may want to allow a few seed heads to remain. These you can collect to start new plants in the spring, scatter now is areas of your garden, or to share with fellow gardeners. I’m illustrating my method to  [ Read More ]

How to Kill Bindweed

Posted by gardensoul on September - 5 - 2014

Are you fighting a losing battle with bindweed in your yard or garden beds? Now is the time to win the war! Bindweed has been growing, flowering and putting on seed all summer. By September, it has changed it’s focus toward pushing nutrient stores to the roots in preparation for  [ Read More ]

Zucchini Quick Bread Recipes

Posted by gardensoul on August - 29 - 2014

Grate fresh zucchini in 1 cup portions.  Then thaw and use in these recipes all year. Here are two of my favorite zucchini recipes. The muffins are pretty light in calories.  I can’t say the same for the Aloha bread. 🙂  These muffins freeze well.  I leave them in the freezer  [ Read More ]