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Pre-freeze to-do list

Posted by gardensoul on November - 8 - 2014

The local weather forecast is for very cold temperatures dipping into the teens. This is after unseasonably warm weather – a Colorado trademark! The warm weather put me into a state of procrastination that I must break this weekend. I find making lists is the easiest way to “get-er-done”! Place  [ Read More ]

Colorado Blue Spruce, Picea pungens glauca

Posted by gardensoul on June - 29 - 2014

Colorado’s state tree, Picea pungens glauca, is a beautiful and stately tree. In 1892 Colorado school children voted to name the Colorado blue spruce as the state tree, but it was not until 1939 that the tree was officially adopted as the state tree by the state legislature. Unfortunately most  [ Read More ]

Japanese Tree Lilac Syringa reiculata

Posted by gardensoul on June - 29 - 2014

There are some new trees showing up in commercial plantings, especially in parking lot grow strips. If you saw this blooming small tree earlier in June, it is probably Japanese Tree Lilac Syringa reiculata. The tree in the photo is growing right next to a donation box in a parking  [ Read More ]

How to Plant a Tree

Posted by gardensoul on June - 22 - 2014

The science of proper tree planting seems elementary, but it isn’t intuitive to the average gardener.  Planting trees too deeply is the primary cause decline and death of trees in home and commercial landscapes.  This practice often results in tree-girdling roots.  Some species of trees, maples as in this example,  [ Read More ]