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Pre-freeze to-do list

Posted by gardensoul on November - 8 - 2014

The local weather forecast is for very cold temperatures dipping into the teens. This is after unseasonably warm weather – a Colorado trademark! The warm weather put me into a state of procrastination that I must break this weekend. I find making lists is the easiest way to “get-er-done”! Place  [ Read More ]

Japanese Beetles

Posted by gardensoul on August - 8 - 2013

We often find Japanese Beetles on our roses and grape vines  in early to mid-summer, but this year they are showing up during August.  The pictured ‘Tiffany’ rose flower has holes around the edge from beetles feasting on the outside when it was in bud.  They also caused the holes  [ Read More ]

Wild rose invasion

Posted by gardensoul on June - 22 - 2013

Planting the native wild rose, Rosa woodsii, in your garden may become a problem.  In the wild these shrubs send out suckers slowly where water is only available from snow or rain.  In the home landscape, it may become a pest.  When planning your garden design, the size of this  [ Read More ]

All about Roses in Colorado

Posted by gardensoul on April - 21 - 2013

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world.  We love their beautiful display and fragrance, often choosing roses at the florist to mark important events or holidays in our lives.  It’s natural to want to grow these shrubs in our home landscape.  Colorado weather offers some challenges.  [ Read More ]