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Turf Violets, Viola odorata

Posted by gardensoul on April - 2 - 2015

Don’t you hate it when you do something stupid in the garden?  As a new Colorado resident, I was thrilled to see my grandmother’s favorite flower, sweet violet, in my yard!  In my native Florida, I remember seeing violets along the catwalk in the swamp adjoining Wekiva Springs State Park.  [ Read More ]

Growing Zucchini

Posted by gardensoul on August - 27 - 2014

Zucchini are very healthy low calorie warm season squash that is easy to grow at 5,000 feet. However, some gardeners have problems getting any ‘fruit’. This article tells you how to ensure zucchini for harvesting. Plant by direct seeding on a small mound of soil when daytime temperatures are consistently  [ Read More ]

Black Medic, Medicago lupulina

Posted by gardensoul on June - 25 - 2014

On my neighborhood walks, I’m seeing this weed a lot in lawns spreading to the sidewalk. Black medic is a common annual weed in low nitrogen lawns. The tap root can reach up to 2 feet. Grass is easily crowded out by the thick mat created by this member of  [ Read More ]

Flea Beetles

Posted by gardensoul on June - 13 - 2014

Flea Beetles can be devastating to vegetable crops. In this article, I cover information about the beetle’s life cycle and how to deal with them in your garden. Personally, I had a huge problem a few years back and haven’t seen any in my garden for awhile.  This photo is  [ Read More ]