Gardening and Micro-Climates

Posted by gardensoul on July - 4 - 2017

I’m in Colorado part-time now and gardening at 8,000 feet. It is certainly different than the Denver Metro area both because of less water and the higher altitude.

These short season raspberries were planted about twenty years ago after failure with a longer season raspberry. When I arrived on June 18th, the berries had already set and the leaves looked lush even though the spring had been very dry. I started watering by hand every few days.

Some of the plants are right against a metal building and all receive an Eastern exposure. After a two weeks of watering, the fruit began to plump up and ripen. I picked my first raspberries on July 3rd. Close examination revealed how much riper the berries were close to the aluminum siding. The warmth and reflective properties had increased the local temperature creating a micro-climate. Consider this phenomena when you select your planting location. In this case it worked in my favor! And I’ll be especially careful to find all the yummy berries hiding next to the siding.