Pre-freeze to-do list

Posted by gardensoul on November - 8 - 2014

Straw on VeggiesThe local weather forecast is for very cold temperatures dipping into the teens. This is after unseasonably warm weather – a Colorado trademark! The warm weather put me into a state of procrastination that I must break this weekend. I find making lists is the easiest way to “get-er-done”!

  1. Place rose collars and fill with dirt and leaves
  2. Check for any fruit and viable warm weather veggies – harvest
  3. Prune perennials to a few inches and cover with evergreen boughs, pine needles or loose straw
  4. Mulch around shrubs and beneath tree trunks with loose, airy mulched leaves, or bark
  5. Wrap thin barked young trees with commercial crepe tree wrap, overlapping to allow water to shed
  6. Place straw mulch over root crops; carrots, beets, parsnips
  7. Remove all other annual vegetables and flowers, including the roots