March tasks

Posted by gardensoul on March - 6 - 2013

Iris Reticulata Isn’t March great! Our first spring bulbs are bringing color to the drab winter landscape, bringing hope of warmer days.  I’m starting my some of my vegetable and flower seeds inside the second weekend in March.  If the snow has melted, I’ll take a stroll in the garden and start trimming away old perennial stems and rake up some litter where insect pupa and eggs may be hiding.

This is a month for pruning, too.  Deciduous trees can be pruned, although it’s getting a little late for apples and pears if you have any signs of fire blight.

Consider removing Pfitzer junipers by cutting to the ground and either pulling out the stump and roots or allowing it to rot away.  Pfitzer’s grow out of the bounds of most home landscapes quickly.

When your soils has warmed enough to work, you can plant cool season vegetables; carrots, radish, English or sugar snap peas, onion sets, lettuce and the cruciferous vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.  Do you know how they got their scientific name?  The flowers look like a tiny crucifix!