Seed catalogs – getting organized

Posted by gardensoul on January - 18 - 2013

Botanical Interests MixThere are so many catalogs to look through.  What qualities are you looking for in a seed company?  For me, I want a local company with high standards that include no-GMO (genetically modified organism), organic and heirloom seeds.  I choose Botanical Interests, Inc located in Broomfield, CO.   Beautiful packets with botanical illustrations are a plus!  Did you know the inside of the seed packet is full of practical information?

So now I’ve decided on a primary seed company.  How do you keep track of seeds / plants of interest?  Most of us dog-ear the page, but that means we can only look at one catalog page at a time.  What if you’re looking online?  That’s even more difficult!

Here is the organized approach.  Create a spreadsheet that includes the following fields; variety, page#, catalog name, seed cost, seed amount, shipping cost.  Now you can compare prices and availability and make a more informed choice!  Don’t have a Spreadsheet program?  Use Google Drive to create your document.  Then you can even share with fellow gardeners! Google Drive Spreadsheet Example: Seed Planting on Google Drive